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Cryptocurrency gold coins on laptop
Understanding Bitcoin halving and its effects

While cryptocurrency has gone mainstream in recent years, there are still a few related concepts that people don’t know about and one of them is Bitcoin halving. It’s a term that only pops out once in a while and is mostly unknown to newer crypto enthusiasts. So what does Bitcoin...

24th August 2021

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A classic wooden Roulette wheel
5 fun roulette variations every bettor should know

As one of the most popular online casino games in the world, roulette has been adapted, changed, and reconfigured to fit the preferences of casino players. Some of these variants have drastically altered the way the game is played, while others have simply added their own little twist to the...

19th August 2021

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Bitcoin cryptocurrency coin in the shadows
Debunking the 3 biggest crypto myths

Ever since the emergence of digital currencies like Bitcoin and altcoins, several investors and financial analysts have presented speculations and doubts about this novel technology.  Cryptocurrency has challenged the conventional payment system in ways that the financial industry has never imagined before. Today, people can transact using intangible money that...

17th August 2021

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Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live logo
Spin the wheels of your fate and play Monopoly Live now!

If you’re looking for a rewarding and exhilarating game that’ll leave you gripping your seats in anticipation, then Evolution’s Monopoly Live is the perfect pick for you. Expect more than just the classic board game when you play this live casino game show and surprise yourself with possible rewards of...

12th August 2021

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Blockchain smart contracts in deep blue color aesthetics
An introduction to smart contracts

More than just another hyped up trend, cryptocurrency is a novel technology that connects the financial world and digital realm. It uses blockchain technology as its underlying network to keep assets secure and make peer-to-peer transactions possible.  However, there is another interesting feature in the blockchain that widens its functionality...

10th August 2021

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Rows of traditional slot machines at a land casino
Explore the world of slot games with these popular slot themes

Slots are one of the most popular casino games. With the innovation of game developers, slots nowadays offer a wide variety of features, designs and themes that attract players.  Instead of the usual classic fruit slots, you can now find games where you can immerse into different worlds and adventures...

5th August 2021

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Gold coin Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market prices
Where to spend cryptocurrency gains

In a world where cryptocurrency is becoming mainstream, more people are starting to recognize the value of cryptocurrencies and how profitable they can be. These profits are called cryptocurrency gains, which refers to the value of the digital assets when they are traded in the market with interest. If you...

30th July 2021

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A group of bettors playing a Poker game at a casino table
Poker terms every player should know

Poker is one of the most sought-after table games anywhere in the world, enticing both professional poker players and amateurs to the table to test their luck and skill. However, for a beginner like you, it may be daunting to get into the game with so many rules and strategies...

27th July 2021

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Cryptocurrency called alt coins Litecoin and Ethereum
Most popular altcoins you should know this 2021

As the first cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin has been a domineering figure in the crypto sphere, making it the most popular coin among investors. However, there are also other coins that provide what the first cryptocurrency lacked. These coins are generally called altcoins due to them being alternatives to...

21st July 2021

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Casino live dealer playing Dream Catcher game
Top 3 strategies to win in Dream Catcher Live

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran casino player, you can experience the live casino thrill like no other when you play Dream Catcher! This cutting-edge money wheel game offers an entertaining game show presentation, lively hosts and exciting prizes that makes it no wonder why it has become a...

19th July 2021

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin coin and credit card on pile of United States dollar
Top crypto credit cards of 2021

Despite its volatile market price, cryptocurrency is unstoppable in its path towards mainstream adoption. Large payment service providers including Mastercard and Visa have already implemented crypto payments into their platforms at the start of 2021, paving the way for crypto credit cards. Crypto credit cards have the same function as regular credit cards....

14th July 2021

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Player playing casino table games with live dealer
Top 3 live dealer games to play this 2021

Live casinos have gained popularity over the years, giving players like you the chance to play favourite casino games inside the comfort of your home. Nowadays, even when you can’t go out for your usual game night, live dealer games can give you the experience of playing in a land-based...

9th July 2021

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Privacy coins cryptocurrency mobile transactions
Privacy coins in casinos: How they work

People all over the world enjoy using cryptocurrency because of its accessibility and excellent performance in the market. But more than that, what makes this digital asset appealing to various users and investors is the anonymity it offers for transactions. When you make transactions online, security is important. You want your...

5th July 2021

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Online casino live dealer showcase playing Baccarat table game
Winning strategies you can use at baccarat

In the world of baccarat, the name of the game is the number nine. Simply put, players like you must guess which among the Player, Banker or the tie bet will receive a hand closest to this coveted number, and if your wager proves true, you win. It’s a straightforward...

1st July 2021

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cryptocurrency mining
Unearthing the basics of crypto mining

When Bitcoin was released in 2009, it was termed as the world’s ‘digital gold’. It’s sourced through a process called ‘mining’ performed by nodes or ‘miners’ in the blockchain, which is a concept that may seem too complex to understand for beginners. The term ‘mining’ is not similar to using...

30th June 2021

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Casino roulette table bets
Roulette 101: All about outside bets

Even with a variety of new casino games nowadays, still nothing beats classic games like roulette. Its fast and easy gameplay makes for a fun and rewarding experience for both beginners and casino veterans alike. What adds to the excitement and anticipation of winning in roulette is the number of bets that players...

25th June 2021

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DeFi cryptocurrency scale
A quick guide to decentralized exchanges

Acquiring cryptocurrencies is easy if you know the places to go to. Usually, you can purchase them on exchanges and broker sites that offer cost-effective, efficient and transparent transactions so you can get your cryptos without hassle. While these platforms offer you convenience, they also come at a price since cryptocurrency...

23rd June 2021

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Casino Blackjack table and cards
A beginner’s guide to playing blackjack

Since the emergence of online casinos, various table games have provided players with the chance to win big all while having fun in the comfort of their homes! Among these games, blackjack has been one of the most loved and played games because it’s easy to learn and quick to...

21st June 2021

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Cryptocurrency blockchain
Blockchain basics you need to know

If you’ve been following the crypto market for some time, the term ‘blockchain’ might’ve popped up while you’re reading an article or talking with a fellow crypto enthusiast.Blockchain is an inextricable component of cryptocurrencies. This technology allows seamless transfer of assets between two parties without the need for middlemen or...

17th June 2021

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Play Pokerhand rankings card suits
Dominate the table by learning poker hand rankings

Poker has been one of the most played and fun games in both land-based and online casinos. What makes it a timeless classic is the range of hand rankings you can create to try and beat other players. The better hand ranking you have, the more chances of winning. All about the...

15th June 2021

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Buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency online
Best exchanges where you can buy crypto

Delving into cryptocurrencies can be a little challenging for beginners, especially when it comes to looking for a credible place where you can source your tokens. Fortunately, there are a lot of exchanges out there that can make trading and buying easier for you. So, if you’re looking to invest...

10th June 2021

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Play casino slot games
Slots 101: Different types of Wilds

In slot games, each symbol can give players a number of exciting ways to obtain rewards! One of the most exceptional symbols that players love are the Wilds. Wild symbols vary from game to game and depend on the theme of the games. Each type of Wilds has its own...

8th June 2021

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Online casino game phone 2021
An introduction to how online casinos work

Gone are the days when casino games are only accessible when you visit brick and mortar casinos. Thanks to the technological innovations in the last few decades, casino operators have made it easier for players to access their favourite games online with just a few clicks! Online casinos provide a...

28th May 2021

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin
A quick guide to the cryptocurrency market

When Bitcoin was first introduced in the market, it was surrounded by a lot of criticisms and speculation. Being a virtual currency, its volatile nature gave it a precarious position in the financial sector. Many years later, it has become one of the most popular alternatives for fiat currencies that...

24th May 2021

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Classic casino slot wheel spin game
A beginner’s guide to slot games

From brick and mortar to online casinos, slot games have dominated the world of casino gaming. With a chance to win the jackpot, players take the risk to wager huge sums in the hopes of hitting winning combinations. Although these games look simple, it takes time to fully understand how...

21st May 2021

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Robot cryptocurrency terms guide
Top crypto terms you need to know

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow every year, gaining the attention of potential traders worldwide. If you want to hop into the crypto bandwagon or learn more about it, you’ll need to understand basic crypto terms first!Knowing the ins and outs of the market gives you the edge to level up your...

18th May 2021

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Casino gambling responsibly
Top 5 proven strategies to win at poker

Most people think that playing poker is a game of chance just like any other casino game. However, what most players don’t know is there are a lot of strategies that can increase a player’s odds of winning at poker. When you research poker strategies, you will be overwhelmed by the...

13th May 2021

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Bitcoin cryptocurrency
Storing Cryptocurrency: Hardware vs software wallets

For crypto traders, keeping your funds safe both online and offline is a part of the process. To keep your digital assets safe, you need to invest in reliable and secure storage, whether it’s a hardware or software wallet. Read on to learn more about the difference between hardware and software...

10th May 2021

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Roulette wheel
Top bets you need to make in roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. With its easy and exciting gameplay, experienced and beginner players alike enjoy taking a chance at the wheel. Although it may be a game of luck, there are strategies and tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning....

7th May 2021

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cryptocurrency gaming
Cryptocurrencies you can use for gaming

Cryptocurrency is one of the most important technological innovations since the internet. With its seamless, cost-effective and efficient features, many people have turned to digital assets as a medium of exchange in paying bills, sending money and even gaming.With the potential blockchain technology holds, many gaming companies are now looking at the...

3rd May 2021

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